Eagle Associates has an array of professional credentials; accountants, CPAs, MBAs and other related business degrees as well as the following areas of specialized expertise; accounts payable auditing, purchasing auditing, computer auditing, contract auditing, business law and cost control.

Our specialized knowledge, in-depth experience, and professional demeanor are all part of Eagle Associates’ commitment to excellence in serving our clients.

Most businesses in transaction-intensive industries unknowingly leave money on the table across the procure-to-pay process. We find payment errors that represent significant amounts of money added back to a client’s bottom line that would otherwise be lost.  With nothing to lose and money to gain, why would you not proceed with an A/P audit? 

As financial consultants, Eagle Associates subscribes to the highest professional, ethical and performance standards. We guarantee absolute confidentiality of all your business records, vendors, sources and transactions.

We provide personal, hands-on service and foster client relationships based on a shared objective: increasing your profitability and improving your productivity. We believe that our success is based on our client’s success.

Because of our experience auditing so many diverse clients with so many types and variations in accounts payable/purchase systems, both manual and computerized, we are highly qualified to offer an accounts payable/purchasing audit service that provides:


Highly trained and experienced staff.


We audit every file of every vendor both manually and electronically by computer. We provide thorough backup documentation necessary to process every claim.


We will operate within your guidelines and restrictions.

Hassle-free Audit

Minimized to no staff involvement and distraction during the audit, no alteration to your filing system, preparation and recovery of legitimate claims entirely by Eagle Associates.

Follow up

Once the on-site and off-site audit has been conducted we will stay in close contact with your designated staff member and vendors until collection and recovery of claims is complete.