Telecom services are among the most difficult to manage in any business and account for one of the five largest expenses faced by a business. If you are like many other companies, controlling communication costs has become increasingly difficult in the face of complex technologies and choices, vendor support problems, and a lack of resources and tools.

Telecom invoices have inherent intricacies due to provisioning, regulation and services complexity which lead to billing errors. Complex contracts, confusing invoices generated by vendors, and constantly changing pricing and services make it very difficult for companies to keep up with their least expensive options.

Other costly problems include unnecessary services, misapplied taxes, locations and services with sub-optimal pricing plans, system/network design, asset management, tracking moves/adds/changes, employee expense policies, fraud and abuse.

Cutting telecom costs is not a simple process and you are probably paying more than you should. By addressing cost reduction and management issues, you can cut costs dramatically and increase your bottom line!

We concentrate on obtaining vendor refunds due to billing errors and recommending actions that will reduce your telecom costs and improve productivity on an ongoing basis.

Our approach is to evaluate all areas of your company’s voice and data communications expenditures, make recommendations relative to your situation and requirements, and implement those recommendations to ensure that you quickly realize savings.

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Did you know? 

  • Industry experts project that over 80% of all telecom service invoices are incorrect.
  • You may be overspending on your telecommunication bills by as much as 35%.
  • Telecom invoices typically have 7 to 12% error rates.

With this in mind would you invest 15 minutes of your time to find out if you could potentially save thousands of dollars on all your phone bills?


Recovery Audit
The purpose of the recovery audit is to secure credits or refunds for past overbilling by your telecommunications providers.  Billing will be based upon a percentage of recoveries, after the credits have been posted to your bills or after refund checks have been received by you.

Future Savings Audit
The purpose of this audit is to research your billing to determine if there are future savings that can be achieved without any measurable reduction in service, nor without any change of existing telecommunications service providers.

The end product will be a series of recommendations for your consideration.  No changes will be made without your express approval.  No billing for services will take place without first demonstrating to you that the recommendations have resulted in savings equal to or greater than those projected.

Detailed information regarding areas of investigation for the Telecommunications Recovery and the Future Savings Audit as well as our Audit Procedure can be provided upon request.