Eagle Associates is a consulting firm offering accounts payable, purchasing, and telecommunications audit recovery services in addition to several other services to the healthcare industry as well as entertainment, food service, government, heavy industry, manufacturing, retail, transportation, wholesale distribution industries and more.


iconAs a recognized leader, since 1992, in the accounts payable and purchasing recovery audit field, Eagle Associates is committed to assisting organizations in specifically evaluating the efficiency of their payment process.

Our reputation and level of service continue to grow with local, regional, national and international clients.   With our diversity of clientele and varying accounts payable and materials management systems, our experience lends us to be highly qualified to offer the most efficient, accurate and technologically superior accounts payable audit recovery service available.

Eagle Associates offers additional services available to both health care and non health care industries to include Telecom Audits, Multimedia Marketing, and On-Site Prepackaged Pharmacy Programs.


We have been very successful in helping our clients recover millions of dollars in over payments. In addition to the financial benefits, you will find our “contingent fee based service” to be an effective tool for determining the operational efficiency of your accounts payable and materials management departments.

In short, we offer exceptional results which help your bottom line.  Even if your system is 99.9% efficient you still have a loss of $1,000 per one million dollars of payables. Imagine a 4-6% loss!


It is our mission to provide the highest level of confidential and professional Recovery Auditing Services to our clients by focusing on their needs and successes.  We will review closed business years’ records, analyze purchasing and payment practices, identify systemic inefficiencies within these practices, recover lost profits, provide realistic recommendations for savings and practice improvements, and turn these recommendations into actions by educating clients’ personnel in order to enhance future profits.

Establishing strategic partnerships and long term working relationships with those to whom we serve through our honesty, integrity, experience and innovative ideas is of utmost importance.